Finding the right pair of eyeglassess or sunglasses to meet your needs is important, and that's exactly what our expertly trained staff is here to do. At Scotia Optical we offer great prices on a wide variety of frames and lenses to meet any style and budget. We offer many top-name brand eyewear choices.

For Kids

childrens eyewear package

We also have great deals on children's eyewear. Kids can be rough on their glasses, which is why our basic childrens eyewear package includes shatter proof Polycarbonate lenses - the safest lens available - as well as a 1 year warranty on both the frames and lenses.


With over three decades of experience at the forefront of eyeglass lens technology, you can rest assured that here at Scotia Optical, we'll find you best possible lens at a great price to fit your exact vision correction needs. Our #1 goal is to have you seeing your best.

Single Vision Package





We also offer several options to fit your specific needs.

Lens Materials
Polycarbonate The safest lenses available -Perfect for children and those who live an active lifestyle
Hi Index Designed for people who require strong prescriptions - Hi Index lenses are the thinnest and lightest lenses available
Transitions Change color from clear when you're inside to dark when you're outside and offer 100% from harmful ultraviolet rays
Glare Free Coating Reduces glare assicated with night time vision and offers clearer vision than standard plastic lenses